Duro Parts Sdn Bhd no longer own this web system due to do not made payment for 3 YEARS
Initially they promised will pay the web development fee, but they do not pay any money for the system until now for 3 Years. Currently our web development customizations services cost lost RM6000+, so have no choice to open the system for resales.
System Features (All in 1): 1) Sales Features - Similar To Lazada, 11street, Shopee but have more features & functions. - Customer can visit & purchase your products through online and walk-in. - Greatly increase your company sales from online customers globally. - Greatly increase your company brand via online marketing. 2) Customer Register & Login Features - Manage your customer sales and order record. - Improve your customer services. - Send newsletter to registered customer for promotions. - Easily to have return customers. - Customer can buy your products online with SenangPay, FPX, Credit Card, MolPay, Boost Pay, Touch n Go Pay, Maybank2u Pay & PayPal. 3) Seller Features - Customer can register as seller and sell their product online, similar to Lazada, Shopee and Lelong. 6) Agent Features - Customer can register as agent and get commission by promoting your product. 7) Direct Sales Features - Extremely increase your sales with pyramid sales strategy up to 9 Levels. 8) Funding Collection Features - Useful for donation, charity and project funding company. 9) Booking and Reserve Features - Allow customer to booking and reserve your services. 10) Drag and Drop Layout Design Features - Allow you to design your system layout without coding knowledge, you can just simply drag and drop to design your home page and other page. 11) Shipping Features - Allow to set multiple different shipping fee. - Support Malaysia courier company shipping fee charges. 12) Discount & Free Gift Features - Allow customer to enjoy discount and free gift benefits with different rules. - Support global item, category items, customer group & voucher discount. 13) Loyalty Membership Features - Customer can buy & get membership level to enjoy more benefits. 14) Wholesales Features - Increase your sales with wholesales features. - Customer will buy more quantities to have better benefits. 15) Premium Auto Update SEO Features - Increase your customer visit traffic with Google Search Engine Optimization. - Customer can easily see your company from Google & other search engine. 16) There Are More Features Waiting You To Discover In The System 17) POS System Features Coming Soon... 18) Warehouse System Features Coming Soon... 19) Accounting System Features Coming Soon...
The web system is open for sales (Lelong) If interested, WhatsApp Our Sales For Demo: 017-7824 788 (Ivan) or visit www.ktechq.com
Duro Parts Sdn Bhd 不再拥有这个网页,因为他们拖欠了三年网页钱不还
起初他们一直答应会付款, 而我们也等了3年… 结果他们还是没付款, 太失望了… 而且他们对系统功能有严格要求所以 我们也下了几千块钱重本替他们特制他们想要的功能, 完成后他们就诸多借口的拖账不还3年… 令我们血本无归…
Web System Similar To Lazada, 11street, Shopee, Taobao Open For Sales Now Check Below For The Features & Functions
系统类似 Lazada, 11street, Shopee, Taobao 已开放购买 Check Below For The Features & Functions
现在售卖的系统将会是我们以  RM300,000+ 刚研发出来的 新系统, 绝对值得你们购买… 100% 可以提升你们的生意规模 -------------------------------- 胜过淘宝和 Lazada 的系统